Rimac unveils greyp G12 electric bike with 75 mile range, 40mph top speed

Rimac’s Concept One has been something of an enigma, but there’s no doubting that the EV maker has just taken the veil off its latest product — the greyp G12 electric bike. If you’re not sure if looks like a motorbike, or regular bicycle, that’s okay, because Rimac claims it’s both. It can do 40mph (unassisted) with a pedal-free range of 75 miles, after that, you’re on your own. With an alleged charge time of 80 minutes (from zero), from any regular power outlet, the G12 could be a winner with city dwellers looking to get about town. Other neat tricks include fingerprint activated ignition that allows different digits to trigger the bike’s two modes — street or speed — with profiles for up to 50 users available. There’s no official word on price or availability, but if you want to become a “dealer,” you could expect to take delivery of one as soon as October for 6,000 euros (about $7,900). Pedal past the break for a video of the greyp doing its thing.  See more at greyp-bikes.com