Scribble Pen : Color Picker Pen

Coming from a design background we’re very familiar with the eyedropper tool found on Adobe Photoshop, meet the Scribble Pen –
This color picker pen features a 16-bit RGB color sensor on one end, that when held up to any object in the world, captures the exact color of that object. The integrated ARM 9 microprocessor analyzes the color and stores it, so you can sketch or doodle with it whenever you want. The makers say Scribble can reproduce more than 16 million colors, with 100,000 of those getting stored on the device’s 1GB of memory. You can also manage your colors on your smartphone or computer, as Scribble features a Micro USB port and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Choose Scribble Ink if you’re looking to write on paper, or Scribble Stylus if you’d like to write on your mobile device.  See more