Super Summer Tech to Stay Cool and Trendy

When temperatures soar, there’s nothing better than high-tech gadgetry to cool you off. For 2019 and beyond, there are so many new items on the tech landscape, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here’s our listing of the top seven “cool” tech items for this summer. Most are reasonably priced and available online or at big-box retailers. None of these products will set you back too much except for the electric surfboard, which costs more than most economy cars, reaches a top speed of 30 MPH and can cruise on still water for almost an hour. Here are the top tech items for this year, along with some important policy information.  Policies for Smart Shoppers 

  • Returns: Not every retailer has a policy in place like the Walmart return policy, which lets buyers take back any item for which they still have the receipt, no questions asked. But if you use a credit card and shop at one of the better-known stores, you’ll likely be able to get a reasonable remedy if your item doesn’t work or fall short of your expectations for any reason. Inquire before buying and you won’t have to guess.

  • Prices: For brand new products, it might pay to wait until fall or winter when prices are sure to drop. If you can live without a “cool tent” or smart cooler for another season, you’ll likely snag discounts of up to 70 percent just by being patient and waiting until January of 2020. Joy to those who are willing to delay gratification, so the saying goes.

Top Tech for Hot Months

  • “Cool” Tents: Constructed of new-age materials that are uniquely able to repel the sun’s rays, these cool “cool” tents come in all shapes and sizes, and from dozens of manufacturers. Don’t go for the big ones until you’re satisfied that the cooling effect is enough for you. These are not air-conditioned tents. They’re about 10-15 degrees cooler than a regular version. They make for wonderful nights in hot locales, but during the day they don’t deliver so much of a cooling effect.

  • An All-Electric Surfboard: From sports goods maker Ravik, this is a one-of-a-kind item for the truly curious. It retails for $21,190 and is made from a special, high-grade carbon fiber, includes an extra battery you can swap out mid-surf for 40 extra minutes of expensive fun. This little board can surf on any type of water, even a still lake with no wind at your back. It’s lithium-ion powered motor will propel you along at speeds up to 30 MPH on your favorite lake, pool or ocean locale.

  • Smart Coolers: These briefcase-sized coolers are equipped with super modern fiber lining to help cold drinks stay very cold for up to four hours. They retail for about $40 and are all the rage on European and South American beaches, so they say.

  • Solar Backpacks: Some of the new “paper” solar cells can do amazing things. They’re not really paper, though, just very thin solar panels that turn sunlight into electricity. A standard-size panel, suitable for placement on a backpack or laptop, retails for $150 and can come in really handy if you’re caught in the middle of nowhere and need some quick electricity in an emergency.