Top Job Search Sites to Find Jobs in Tech

Technology maintains its status as the fastest-growing industry in the United States. Not only does the tech industry offer exciting, endless opportunities, but competitive compensation for professionals. These alone continue to grab the attention of professionals looking to enter the industry and secure their dream roles in tech. However, due to the abundance of job search sites today, finding the perfect job in tech can be overwhelming.

To simplify your job search, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 job search sites to find jobs in tech today. Regardless of job experience, you’ll soon discover that each platform has unique offers to help you secure a dream tech today.


Today, Lensa is one of the top job sites to find jobs in tech today. The US job uses AI and machine learning to match job seekers with the most promising opportunities in tech seamlessly. Additionally, as a career advocacy platform, Lensa supports millions of tech job hunters to make better career decisions. Lensa offers recent graduates and professionals a variety of tech opportunities.

Whether remote or in-house positions, full-time or part-time, there’s something for all job hunters on Lensa, from data analysis, programming, cybersecurity, networking engineering, cloud engineering, and much more. Lensa is a job search site that gives tech job seekers a complete picture of their job search and predictions for their career paths. All this is thanks to AI-based solid matching, quick and clean job searches, tailored job alerts, and job seeker assistance.

LinkedIn Jobs

For many years now, LinkedIn has remained one of the top choices for job seekers looking for tech opportunities. The job search site also serves as a social networking hub, allowing tech job hunters to network and build relationships with potential employers and industry role models. LinkedIn offers a seamless job application process through its ‘Easy Apply’ feature, making it easy for candidates to apply for tech roles directly on the platform.

Additionally, with the ‘LinkedIn Learning’ feature, job seekers can access courses on the most in-demand tech skills, helping them enhance their skills and prepare for roles. LinkedIn also empowers job seekers to build a strong personal brand visible on their profiles to increase their chances of being noticed and contacted directly by potential employers and recruiters.

What’s more, job seekers can generate a QR code for their LinkedIn profile, making it effortless for potential employers or contacts to access their professional background. Similarly, companies can set up QR codes on offline materials to direct candidates to specific job postings or company LinkedIn pages, ensuring immediate, mobile-friendly access to job details and application portals.

Built In

Built In is another top job search site for tech professionals focusing on software development, data-related roles, and more. It is a tech-centric job search platform and network designed for startups and technology companies. On this platform, job seekers can quickly discover job opportunities aligned with their values, encompassing company culture, work-life balance, and a commitment to DEI initiatives. Job seekers here can also benefit from the platform’s extensive library of free career advice to aid them in their tech job-seeking journey.

Beyond the primary US website, job hunters can explore local versions such as Built In LA, Built In NYC, and more. This way, job seekers can save time and refine their search based on their geographical preferences.


Hired is also another of the top job search sites specializing in top-quality, high-salary tech roles in a variety of tech disciplines. What sets it apart is its unique approach: here, companies apply to interview candidates, giving job seekers a significant advantage. What’s more, Hired prioritizes transparency by providing job seekers with salary details from the get-go.

If that’s not inviting enough, job hunters can explore opportunities outside of the United States in over 16 cities worldwide, whether remote or in-house. If at any time you require assistance, Hired has a handy chatbot to aid you in your tech job search journey.


When it comes to finding top tech opportunities, Dice is another job search platform for job seekers at any career stage. Specializing in tech roles, Dice simplifies the process of discovering roles that align with job hunters’ skills, goals, and needs. Former tech recruiter Biron Clark even recommends Dice as a great starting place to find roles in the lucrative industry. Here, job seekers can explore thousands of roles, including architects, analysts, engineers, developers, and various technical roles.

They can apply filters to align roles with salary expectations, location preferences, and more. Dice also offers extensive tech-focused career advice to support candidates in their quest to land their dream job in the ideal company.

Find your dream job in tech today

Thanks to the tech industry’s relentless growth, the abundance of job opportunities here will continue to prevail and attract countless professionals looking to make their mark in the lucrative industry. However, as previously mentioned, navigating the vast landscape of job search platforms is no easy task. As a response, Lensa, LinkedIn, Built In, Hired, and Dice have stepped up to the plate by providing services tailored to improving the tech job search experience.

These include AI-based job matching, clear salary information, extensive career support and advice, and the opportunity to network and build a solid virtual personal brand. With such tools and services, job hunters looking to make it big in tech can easily take the first step towards making their dreams into reality.