World’s First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

Meet the The Dash a sleek  and completely wireless stereo earphones that can be paired with your smartphone or  an mp3 player. If carrying your mobile device restricts you from delivering freedom of movement,  you can always utilize the embedded 4GB that will store upto 1000 songs.  You can use the the Dash as a fitness tracker, allowing you to  track your pace, steps, cadence and distance, and as a hart rate monitor measuring your heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy spent. Oh and the coolest part it works underwater!

Lear more at Bragi and  support them on Kickstarter.

Bragi_Dash_FrontBragi_Dash_LeftRight Measurements [Converted] Bragi_Dash_plus_App Bragi_Dash_plus_Sleaves Bragi_Dash_TransparentExplosion