Hoerboard Stereo.T DJ Kit: Designed To Move With You

The new Hoerboard Stereo.T (roughly $1.000) has been designed to move with you wherever you and your music are needed: When disassembled, it will fit in your station wagon easily. Dismantling and putting it back up isn’t much of a bother either, as it only takes ten minutes of your precious time.

Your own equipment is being placed in the customized high quality hoerboard. Your power and audio wires are invisibly integrated into the corpus. You can always use the kit as a mobile DJ stand. Just disassemble it into its two parts, put it in your car and transport it to wherever you might need it.

The Stereo.T comes as a construction kit for easy assembly. It is available for turntables in battle position, DJ controllers and CD player set ups. Additional laptop and DJ controller mounts can also be integrated. The kit is manufactured from an exclusive multiplex material with a stain-resistant laminated surface that comes in black or white matt.