Onbeat-200 Bluetooth speaker By Divoom

The Onbeat-200 is lightweight and portable at only 3-inchs, making it perfect for anyone that needs to have their music or a speakerphone while on the go. To ensure the ultimate in sound quality, the Divoom Onbeat-200 features precision-tuned 50 mm drivers and a passive bass radiator, producing amazingly clear and crisp audio at any volume. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery also allows users to stream digital media from any Bluetooth device, providing up to 8 hours of listening enjoyment. Onbeat-200 uses the latest in technology to increase the battery’s voltage from 3.7v to 5v. In this way it can easily produce an 8W output in such a compact speaker.

Equipped with a built in microphone, the Onbeat-200 makes handsfree phone conversations and multiple listener conference calls or video chats simple and convenient. Utilizing a Bluetooth phone connection, the user can answer phone calls and end a conversation with the mere push of a button. Further, the Bluetooth audio input allows users to play music from Bluetooth devices, while the auxiliary input provides addition
al connectivity.

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