Endevr – Digital Medical ID

ENDEVR recently introduced a digital medical ID wristband,a customizable medical identification bracelet designed to provide first responders access to  essential medical and contact information via  smartphone or by calling a 24/7 live operator during emergencies.

The  customizable medical identification bracelet  stores vital information to quickly assist first responders and medical professionals.  A medical ID profile stores such information such as   full name, birth date, weight and height, blood type, emergency contacts, medications, any allergies,  and your doctor’s contact info. All this can be easily access via free iPhone app by scanning the  imprinted  QR code found on the bracelet

MyID bracelets is  available at Endevr.com,  and can be found at your local Walgreens and Target stores.




Medical ID Bracelet & Personal Identification Wristbands

QR code found on the bracelet

myid-emergency-profile4 iOS App