Singing Machine Home Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker

most people love to sing, but would rather resign to the fate of being bathroom crooners, simply because investing in karaoke machine is like a white elephant in the making, and that’s not to mention that most karaoke machine’s aesthetic often leaves much to be desired, which is just a nice way to say that they are plain ugly. however, the aforementioned won’t be the case if you were to go with the Singing Machine Home Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker (officially, just Singing Machine Home). measuring a compact 11.5 inches in diameter and just 5.5 inches tall, the Singing Machine Home is both a Bluetooth speaker for everyday use and a karaoke machine whenever you feel like letting loose your voice, hopefully not to the disapproval of your family and neighbors.



Singing-Machine-Home-Karaoke-Bluetooth-Speaker-image-2just hook it up to the your TV via HDMI and by the way of WiFi, it connects you to an 8,000-song strong database that should satisfy even the most demanding singer. a handy, albeit oddly shaped, remote doubles as microphone when karaoke-ing. if you ask me, i would say this could be the best idea since the invention of the showerhead-speaker combo. no kidding. available in late October for $300. though no word if the 8,000-song database is free-to-access or it would be on some subscription basis. a product promo clip follows after the break.